Our range of oil coolers are designed to aid your vehicle’s cooling performance by reducing excess heat generation.

Why you need an Engine Oil Cooler
An engine oil cooler keeps the oil viscosity within the optimal range. Oil cooling is essential for modified cars, track, racing, or high performance cars. Some passenger cars even use small oil coolers to extend the oil change intervals.
Keep engine oil at the correct temperature with a transmission oil cooler. High performance oil coolers are available for racing, extreme 4WDing or heavy towing. Select an off-the-shelf replacement or ask for a specific custom design. Nip into Natrad for oil cooling.

What is an Engine Oil Cooler?
An engine oil cooler is essential for any engine operating under pressure. Whether you are towing a heavy trailer or street racing, we recommend using an engine oil cooler.

An engine oil cooler provides many benefits. An oil cooler may extend the life of your engine. It will also extend the oil change interval.

We supply oil cooler kits that contain hoses and fittings for easy installation. Engine and transmission oil coolers are available.

High flow, clog-resistant oil coolers will withstand heavy loads and vibrations. These performance oil coolers protect your engine in the toughest working environments.

We have off-the-shelf oil coolers for most vehicles. The shape and size of the oil cooler you need may vary from those pictured. Ask your local Natrad technician for oil cooler options to extend your engine’s life. We can even order a custom designed oil cooler for unique applications

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