We stock a diverse range of intercoolers including air to air and air to water types. A custom model can also be designed that caters to your vehicle’s performance needs.

Intercoolers For Turbo and Supercharged Vehicles
If you want more power from your force-fed engine, an intercooler upgrade is a must. Natrad has intercoolers for street cars, track, off-road racing, 4WD’s, or heavy towing. Choosing the right high performance cooler will maximise engine performance.
The ideal intercooler will reduce engine intake temperature without restricting air flow. This allows an aggressive tune on a turbo or supercharged car. Ask a cooling specialist about getting an intercooler upgrade or replacement high performance cooler.

Popular Types of Intercoolers in Australia
Intercoolers use air or water to cool the air entering the engine. The intercooler is located near the radiator, or at the top of the engine. The Subaru WRX is an example of a top-mount intercooler. The Ford Focus RS features a front-mount intercooler.

To increase engine power output, you can give your car a more aggressive tune. More power produces more heat, which means that the engine intake air will be hotter. To effectively cool the engine intake air, you need to upgrade the intercooler. An intercooler upgrade results in better cooling efficiency for engine intake air. Colder air means better engine performance.

A larger intercooler may need modified mounts and hoses to fit to the vehicle.

Your local Natrad store supply intercoolers for a wide range of turbocharged vehicles. Our most popular brands include Delphi, Behr Hella and Adrad.

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