Century Batteries


Australia’s harsh climate and rough uneven roads create havoc for batteries, attacking critical internal components which can lead to premature battery failure.

Many imported batteries, made for softer overseas climates, focus on delivering higher starting capacity at the expense of more critical design features required in Australia. Century batteries have been designed and manufactured in Australia since 1928. They incorporate an array of design features and technological enhancements to better suit our conditions and deliver what Australian motorists really want – longer life and superior performance.

Century batteries range is available for a diverse range of applications including: Automotive, 4WD, Truck & Light Commercial, Heavy Equipment, Deep Cycle and Marine Craft.

In choosing a Century battery you are supporting local manufacturing and have the peace of mind that comes with an Australian made, Australian designed battery.

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Besco - Batteries built tough for Australian Conditions


Besco has a proud history of supplying batteries in Australia since early last century. In this time they’ve developed industry leading technology and design expertise to supply a range of batteries better suited to Australia’s hotter climate and harsh conditions.

Besco’s product range includes maintainable products that can be easily ‘topped up’ to extend battery life and maintenance free designs required for special fitments. The range is suitable for a diverse range of applications including: Automotive, 4WD, Truck & Light Commercial, Heavy Equipment, Deep Cycle and Marine Craft.

Besco batteries have a national warranty which is supported by an extensive distribution network across Australia, ensuring you receive superior after sales service wherever your location.

Besco has one of the widest selections of lead acid batteries in Australia. We manufacture many of these batteries in Australia, which are developed to the highest standards in quality. They boast innovative design features that better suit local conditions.

We also import some specialised and European-specification products, which we source from the very best suppliers around the world. The imported products undergo the strictest quality assessment processes to ensure the highest standards.

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Heavy Duty Batteries


Natrad Kempsey is a specialist in industrial and heavy equipment, including heavy duty batteries. We can provide servicing, repairs, and preventative maintenance to heavy duty batteries for a wide range of equipment.

Some of the benefits of battery repair and maintenance are:

  • Longer running hours
  • Reduced need for contact and motor replacement
  • Extended battery life
  • Improved safety
  • Prevention of damage to equipment
  • Increased productivity
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