When a car air conditioning system is working inefficiently, it might be time to book it in for an air conditioning service.

Natrad Kempsey are the car air conditioning specialists with a wealth of experience to offer our clients. Regardless of whether it is simply routine repairs you’re after, or more comprehensive replacements of components, we are more than happy to assist.

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Car Air Conditioning Services

What is included in a car air conditioning service? Your local Natrad Kempsey mechanic will happily explain what is involved for your car’s air conditioner service, but here is a guide of what to expect:

  • Examination of pulleys and drive belts
  • Review function of thermostats and valves
  • Assessment of hoses and associated components
  • Clear system and regain refrigerant, recording the weight
  • Add the necessary quantity of refrigerant oil
  • Charge system with prescribed refrigerant capacity and type
  • Review condense temperature
  • Noting the temperature of the suction line
  • Application of electronic leak detector for system lines and components
  • Report on air vent temperature whilst running vehicle

It is important to note that your car may hold different requirements in terms of a comprehensive air conditioning service in Kempsey, based on its make, model, and the amount of use it has received. As such, we also provide a selection of additional services, including:

  • Refreshen, sanitise, and deodorise your system*
  • Radiator fins and condenser cleaning
  • Performing the necessary dismantling of components to gain access
  • Alteration or replacements of pulleys and drive belts
  • Necessary replacements of thermostats, valves, hoses and more
  • Installation of new receiver drier filters
  • Advanced diagnostic testing


*The use of commercial-grade steam cleaning equipment, over simple vent spray, is recommended to properly sanitise your cabin air ventilation system. This will ensure all mildew, mould, and bacteria that could grow within the vent and condenser cavities are eliminated.

Industrial car air conditioning repairs require specialised tools and knowledge for repair, and need to be approached on a case-by-case basis. Natrad Kempsey’s air conditioning specialists are fully equipped and proficient to provide air conditioning services for all manner of industrial vehicles.

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