While your car air conditioning system may begin to degrade due to prolonged use, you will find that it degrades much faster when repeatedly used incorrectly. For example, you may find that rubber tubing and seals begin to dry, causing them to crack, and the refrigerant gas starts to leak. This will subsequently reduce the cooling power of your car air conditioning system.

At Natrad Port Macquarie, our team are experts in the industry. We can assist with the necessary repairs and replacements of all your car air conditioning needs in Port Macquarie and surrounds, servicing a wide range of vehicles.

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Car Air Conditioning Services

Our specialists offer a wide selection of car air conditioning services and repairs in Port Macquarie, including:

  • Drive belt & pulley inspection
  • Testing vale & thermostat operations
  • Review hoses & components
  • Empty the system with the recovery of all refrigerant, both weighing and then recording the amount
  • Re-introduce the necessary quantity of refrigerant oil
  • If required, charge the system using the appropriate type & capacity of refrigerant
  • Review the condenser temperature
  • Read the suction line temperature
  • Utilise electric lead detection for system lines and components
  • Start the vehicle to review the temperature of the air vent

Air Conditioning Services For the Specific Make & Model of Your Car

It is common to find different makes & models of a car holding unique service demands with their air conditioning services and repairs. As such, Natrad Port Macquarie, also has a range of additional offerings you may like to include, such as:

  • Introduce deodorising and sanitisation measures to clean and disinfect the system*
  • A thorough clean of radiator fin and condenser
  • The proper dismantling of wider vehicle parts to obtain better access
  • Drive belt & pulley replacement or adjustment
  • Replacing hoses, valves, thermostats or further parts where required
  • Introduce a new receiver drier filter
  • Advanced diagnostic testing

*Sanitisation is highly recommended within the cabin air ventilation system using commercial-grade steam cleaning equipment. We do this to eradicate any trace of bacteria, mould, and mildew that is prone to proliferate inside the vent itself and the condenser cavities.

At Natrad Port Macquarie, we are also capable of re-gasing air conditioning systems with both R134a refrigerant and the latest R1234yf refrigerant.

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